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Dr. Yaron Lahav

Yaron Lahav is a senior lecturer of Finance at the department of business administration of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University. His areas of expertise are behavioral and experimental finance, focusing on belief formation and decision making. Yaron teaches several courses in finance, which includes Introductory Finance, Financial Economics, Behavioral Finance, Financial Management and Public Finance.

Prior to his current position, Yaron was a senior consultant in the tax division of Deloitte Tax LLP in their national offices in Washington DC. He was also a special advisor to Deloitte-Brightman-Almagor-Zohar in their offices in Tel-Aviv, a financial manager at the Israeli Aerospace Industries and an economist in an Agro-Biotechnology start-up. Yaron also consulted several companies and assisted research institutions in various projects. Currently, Yaron consults several businesses, organizations and government ministries, mainly on business and asset valuations, transfer pricing and project examinations.

Yaron received his PhD in economics from Emory University in 2007, and a B.Sc.Agr in agricultural economics and management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was an adjunct professor at the economics department of American University and visited the department of economics at the University of Michigan and the International Business School of Brandeis University.

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