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Abstracts of all conference’s papers

Scientific Committee, The Fourth Israel Behavioral Finance Conference:


The Conference is sponsored by The Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College and organized in conjunction with the recently established Israeli Association of Behavioral Finance (IABF).


The IABF was established in June 2021 by former organizers of the first three Israeli conferences in behavioral finance: Itzhak Venezia (president), Rachel Calipha (vice president), Sasson Bar Yosef, Rachel Shalom-Gilo, together with Israel Borovich (former dean of the School of Management and Economics, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College), Jacob Oded and Yaron Lahav. The IABF was established to organize activities promoting behavioral and experimental finance research. The conference will serve as a catapult for enhancing the IABF scope both in membership and events, which we hope will result in more future productive events.


All lectures will take place at The Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College, the Management and the Economics Building, room 104.

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